The aim of the journal is the rapid first-view dissemination of its interim, unabridged  Systematic review reports to topics related to Minimum Intervention (MI) in dentistry.The JMID aims further to disseminate SYSTEM's Research Notes to topics that are currently under preliminary discussion. SYSTEM's Research Notes are meant to give transparency to SYSTEM's ongoing work and focus. Readers are invited to submit their criticism and opinions via email in form of letters-to-the-editor to the journal. The journal also welcomes contributions from authors not affiliated to SYSTEM in form of clinical case reports, discussion papers and research notes. The journal is indexed by SABINET, CNKI Scholar and GoogleScholar.

Frequency        Bi-monthly
Coverage        Vol 1 Issue 1 2008 - current
ISSN: 1998-801X

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Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry (JMID)
Evidence-based Summaries in Dentistry (EBSD)
         Dental Materials & Device Register
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is an integrated sub-section of the JMID aims to be a bulletin that publishes on a six-monthly basis plain language summaries of systematic reviews conducted in the field of minimally-invasive dentistry. All selected systematic review articles have been previously published in high-quality peer-reviewed dental journal, listed in PubMed/MEDLINE. Systematic reviews have been recommended as providing the best source of evidence to guide clinical decisions and healthcare policy, and they receive more citations as non-systematic reviews in peer-reviewed journals. However, they are also very technical by nature and make difficult reading for the general dental practitioner. Often, the findings of a lengthy systematic review can be condensed into a few single sentence that provide all information necessary for daily clinical practice. To give such easily discernable information to clinicians is the purpose of plain language summaries. These summaries by itself do not replace the function and merits of full systematic review articles. However, they do ease the wider comprehension and dissemination of its key findings.

Frequency        Bi-annually
Coverage        Vol 1 Issue 1 2011 - current (in every June and December issue of the JMID)
ISSN: 2223-5353

The Dental Materials & Device Register categorizes and archives from the public domain Information For Use (IFU) and its updates for dental materials and devices as provided by dental manufacturers, in line with requirements set forth by the Council of the European Communities in its Directive MDD 93/42EEC of 14 June 1993, without amendments or additions. The Register aims particularly to facilitate easier access to, as well as comparison and referencing of current and past manufacturers' instructions for their dental products. All published content of the Register is for information purposes only, and does not constitute any form of endorsement or critique by the publisher of the materials and devices and in particular not above those that the Register could not yet include. All published documents constitute, to the publisher's knowledge, the current instruction for use of dental materials and devices as provided by the manufacturers. However the publisher strongly suggests verifying the most current version of any dental material or device with the manufacturer directly prior clinical use.

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